Lijuan / Lillian Liu




Liu Lijuan is often absorbed by wandering-off thoughts.

The attention that is constantly taken away is the mud of her architecture; the connections that grow silently as she salvages them from the flow, are the threads weaving fragments of images together.  Her work often starts from the dynamic relationship of viewing and combines personal experiences with specific situations, to form video installations.

She graduated from Tsinghua University's Visual Communication in 2019 with a double degree in Journalism and Communication. In 2021, she received a master degree in photography from the Royal College of Art.

2019/9 - 2021/7
Royal college of Art, London, United Kingdom
•Master of Fine Art, Photography

2014/6 - 2019/7
Tsinghua University, Academy of Arts and Design Beijing, China
• Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication
• Double Degree in Journalism and Communication

个展 (Solo Exhibition)

04/2022 “Drifting”Window of Shekmai , Shenzhen, China  

群展 (Group exhibition)

11/2021 “Love this Pain” Institute For Provocation Beijing,China

09/2021 “Formalis” Old Bottle Factory (London Design Festival) , London, UK

09/2021 Self publish be happy book lounge, Webber Gallery, UK

06/2021 “After the High tide”, Cromwell Place,London, UK

09/2020 “The Midas Touch” No Space Online exhibition

07/2020 “Reunion” White fields Space, Beijing China

10/2020 Yes! Art Festival  Mwoods Museum, Beijing China

07/2019 Graduation Show Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China

12/2018 Non-Place Exhibition, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China

10/2018 Desolation Raw, Raycom InfoTech Park Ray Art Space, Beijing, China

08/2018 Residency Photography Exhibition, SVA Gramercy Gallery, NYC, US

06/2018 Art book in China 2018, MWoods Museum, Beijing, China

03/2018 Dua Exhibition Crape Death, Rite and Burning , 1911 Art Space, Beijing, China

09/2016 From Lausanne to Beijing Ninth International Fiber Biennale, Guanshanyue Museum, Shenzhen, China

驻地 (Residency):

08/2018 08/2018 School of Visual Art

Summer Residency Program

03/2022  Shekmai Space Contemporary Residency


10/2021 Terra Firma Magazine issue 07

09/2021 M-A (A space between) issue 01

09/2021 Rebel Magazine “humankind nature”

07/2021 After the high tide published by Folium

Beijing, China