My thoughts kept wandering uncontrollably until the stiffness of my body reminded me of the limitations that exist. It's not time and space that limits people, it's what they are. And when touching the limit, it seems like feeling the bones under the skin as well as the bottom of the boat hitting the reef. The sea gradually disintegrated and swallowed the hull of the ship of the ego though being so tender a second before its sinking. When the kapok (木棉花) fell over on my head without any signs, and became a canoe.

I was obsessed with connections between its growing or fading in silence. Like the wind.

Passing through Cantonese to Chongqing and Hunan dialects, the kapok blossoms drift and flow in tender or wrinkled hands, in boiled herbal teas together with honeysuckle(金银花), chrysanthemum(菊花), frangipani(鸡蛋花), sophora flowers(槐花), and in chicken soup and pork bone broth. I used to pick them up as a child following my classmates not aware what it could be used for. Years later the kapok water I drank was saturated with fragments of my memories. Soaking and getting mouldy with the body of water I entered the images, familiar but gradually unfamiliar. And after being salvaged, my stomach screamed, "rice noodle rolls(肠粉)!”.

Cantonese cuisine is my elephant graveyard as my stomach is the real brain, and my head excels at regurgitating and fermenting layers of mould. The building entwined with the intertwined Chinese banyan is green fireworks, slowly blooming. A sprouting potato, a menopausal womb losing their functions in the human world, however, gain freedom in the midst of rejuvenation.

The wind passing by the room does not think about where to go nor about feng shui(风水).

The flaming red kapok tree burns out itself in early summer, but I know it blooms year after year.

木棉 (2022)
彩色 有声 3分25秒

Single-channel HD Video,
Color, Stereo

Solo exhibition at Shekmai space

Human theme park 

2019 Interative video 

Human theme park is an interactive video installation that reverse the position of spectators and spectacle to create a nested loop of gazing, presentation and experience.The conceptual Human Theme park offer a observation of tourism industry and a way of creating symbol as cultural system.

Programmer: Fahu Wen Rendering: Shuhao Liu Assistant:Guangguang Music: Fishdoll


Graduation Show Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China
How do you imagine your audience? 
Debut tour with Fishdoll  Documentary 


One’s self as a social identity can be reduced to an ID photo -  a symbol floating between the virtual space and the real space.  Inspired by the interactive nature of the ID photos,  In this series,  I take the ID photo out of daily application,  Blow it up to life size and question the way that it is viewed and its symbolic meaning in a real city scene, presenting a state in which the individuals’ facial features are clear yet the identity is blurred in the urban space.
Here I am Video  2018

Immersive drama focuses on space and individual experiences, breaking the linear narrative, giving viewers the power to explore and the stimulation of multiple senses.  Bai Hao Square is a city square in Bai Hao Village, Dongguan City.  In the past decades, every night after 7, different areas on the square are quickly occupied by different groups of people .   But unlike the theater, the lack of fictional storytelling, the repeated physical behavior seems like an unconscious default setting.I can't be sure whether the mechanicality of the daily life in the square will make people hold doubts about the value and purpose of life, but I feel a huge sense of nothingness and absurd as a viewer myself.


Beijing, China